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BlahCade 231: Not Salty About Peanuts (new Zen table)

We are back with another episode that, this time, features the gameplay of Zen’s newest Pinball Party title, Peanuts.

In episodes, Oct 04, 2021

BlahCade 230: Pinball FX delayed until 2022

That’s right, Pinball FX has been delayed according to the latest episode of The Pinball Show.That, however, is not the only news…​

In episodes, Oct 04, 2021

BlahCade 229: Lights, camera, auction?

It’s a mish-mash of topics that concludes with the outrageous auction prices of a huge pinball collection.First, though, we catch up on Zen and Stern news as well as a rather od...

In episodes, Sep 20, 2021

BlahCade 228: Zen Pinball Party Playthrough

This is a special walkthrough episode where Chris and I play the Zen Pinball Party app on Apple Arcade.

In episodes, playthrough, Sep 06, 2021

BlahCade 227: Zen brings Apple to a Pinball Party

We’re back after an extended break!We talk about what has gone on in the month we were away and deep dive into Zen’s announcement of Zen Pinball Party on Apple Arcade.

In episodes, Aug 24, 2021

BlahCade 226: Lost in the Woods with Arcooda Pinball Forest

This episode’s main event is a curious development with arcade machine producer Arcooda and a tweet stream leaking out over the last few weeks.There are some interesting revelat...

In episodes, Jul 06, 2021

BlahCade 225: AtGames Taito Pinball Reaction

With this podcast, we can officially say that Farsight Studios is no longer in the pinball business.It turns out that AtGames did not contract Farsight Studios to produce the announce...

In episodes, Jun 23, 2021

BlahCade 224: Zen Original Sneak Peek

Zen Studios dropped a pleasant surprise on their VR customers recently with a free table: Han Solo.

In episodes, Jun 07, 2021

BlahCade 223: Mando vs. Mando

Stern announced that they will release a Mandalorian pinball machine.This is interesting because both tables from Zen and Stern were in development concurrently.We start by comparing ...

In episodes, May 26, 2021

BlahCade 222: Star Wars Pinball VR analysis

Now that Chris and I have both played Star Wars Pinball VR (SWPVR) extensively, we wanted to provide a different perspective on the game for people who are on the fence about getting ...

In episodes, May 10, 2021

BlahCade 221: Speculation a-go-go

Mel Kirk gave us a lot to think about in the interview he did in Episode 220.As is tradition on the show, we go into deep speculation mode and try to work out what games might be rele...

In episodes, Apr 26, 2021

BlahCade 220: Mel Kirk interview for Spring 2021

This episode is a massive interview with Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 28, 2021

BlahCade 219: Reacting to Epic Pinball FX News

It’s time to get down and give our take on the pretty controversial news that Mel shared with everyone on The Pinball Show No. 3.

In episodes, Mar 28, 2021

BlahCade 218: Star Wars Pinball VR

We get to go to a virtual pinball galaxy far, far away in April 2021.

In episodes, Mar 04, 2021

BlahCade 217: AtGames, hear us out

We are seeing a lot of chatter about AtGames as they begin shipping cabinets out. But there are some things that no one is talking about.

In episodes, Feb 25, 2021

BlahCade 216: Zen Pinball FX News Unpacked

Zen Studios announced that they will be releasing a brand new Pinball FX app this year.

In episodes, Feb 17, 2021

BlahCade 215: Pinball in VR

It has taken us way too many years to be able to do this episode, but good things come to those who (patiently) wait.

In episodes, Jan 30, 2021

BlahCade 214: We can’t just push reset?

This year has already started out a bit dodgy, but surely it can only get better starting from now.

In episodes, Jan 13, 2021

BlahCade 213: End of year free-for-all

It’s the end of 2020 so it’s time to have a break-up party episode.

In episodes, Jan 03, 2021

BlahCade 212: Let’s predict 2021

What is in store for us in 2021? Let’s do some guessing.

In episodes, Dec 21, 2020

BlahCade 211: 105 Reasons Why

Zaccaria Pinball is coming to AtGames.

In episodes, Dec 06, 2020

BlahCade 210: Acquisitions and Redesigns

Zen has been acquired, and AtGames has done a cabinet revamp.

In episodes, Nov 28, 2020

BlahCade 209: Pre-order This!

Mandalorian and more digital pin-cab news.

In episodes, Nov 09, 2020

BlahCade 208: Zen’s Mel Kirk Holiday 2020 Q and A

Mel Kirk joins us for a retrospective on 2020 and a tantalizing preview of what’s coming up next

In episodes, interviews, Nov 01, 2020

BlahCade 207: Pinball cabinet wars 2020

The heat is on in the lead up to Christmas when it comes to virtual pinball cabinets!

In episodes, Oct 30, 2020

BlahCade 206: New content bonanza!

The wait for new digital pinball content is over!

In episodes, Oct 25, 2020

BlahCade 205: Same sh*t, different day

The wait for new digital pinball content is starting to wear many pinball fans out and this is leading to conspiracy theories.

In episodes, Sep 20, 2020

BlahCade 204: The Other Pin Cabs

While the hype for Arcade 1UP is high, Toyshock is pumping out products you can buy now!

In episodes, Aug 23, 2020

BlahCade 203: Williams Pinball Volume 6 Reveal

After nearly half a year’s wait, it’s time for new pinball from Zen Studios!

In episodes, Aug 08, 2020

BlahCade 202: Let’s ride bikes!

In anticipation of California Extreme 2020, we go off on tangents.

In episodes, Jul 28, 2020

BlahCade 201: Arcade 1UP Interview Thoughts

It’s time to reflect on the news we are privy to from the interview.

In episodes, Jul 07, 2020

BlahCade 200: Arcade 1UP Interview

Look, everyone! We have guests! A party isn’t a party without friends to help us celebrate our 200th episode in style.

In episodes, interviews, Jun 29, 2020

BlahCade 196: Zen about quarantine with Mel Kirk

Chris and I sit down with Mel Kirk of Zen Studios for a huge unpack of news about what’s happening now and in the future for Zen in 2020.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 29, 2020

BlahCade 175: Williams Pinball Vol. 4 announcement with Mel Kirk

It’s time to reveal the latest three tables that will arrive in Williams Pinball on May 28th 2019!

In episodes, interviews, May 19, 2019

BlahCade 166: Williams Pinball Vol. 3 announcement with Mel Kirk and Thomas Crofts

Zen Studios have joined the show to announce what will be in the Williams Pinball Volume 3 release coming out very soon.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 06, 2019

BlahCade 164: Zen Studios design interview

Zen Studios has lent us some time to chat about Williams Pinball and other Zen questions.

In episodes, interviews, Feb 18, 2019

BlahCade 155: Williams Pinball Vol. 2 announcement with Mel Kirk

Mel Kirk joins us again for a retrospective on Volume One and drops some terrific news about Volume Two!

In episodes, interviews, Nov 16, 2018

BlahCade 149: Williams Pinball Vol. 1 announcement with Mel Kirk

We have unlimited access to Mel Kirk from Zen Studios where we talk about the new Remastered mode in Williams Pinball and a pile of other stuff.

In episodes, interviews, Oct 18, 2018

BlahCade 146: Interview with Mart from Magic Pixel

We have a great chat with Mart, the Community Manager for Magic Pixel.

In episodes, interviews, Aug 22, 2018