BlahCade 254: Pinball FX Feb 16 Launch Details

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Feb 06, 2023 · 6 mins read
BlahCade 254: Pinball FX Feb 16 Launch Details
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Zen’s Pinball FX platform is officially coming out of Early Access and onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles on February 16! Chris and Jared take a look at 80+ titles available at launch and give some clarification to title transfers.

For those that still need to take advantage of transferring owned titles from the Epic Games Store, use the Pinball FX Founders Form to register your preference.

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Show notes

10:33 - Pinball FX releases Feb 16

PlayStation 4 and 5, all the current-gen XBox variants, and Epic Games (out of early access) are all getting the official release of Pinball FX.

80+ tables are on offer at launch.

12:00 - Exclusive to Pinball FX (not in FX3)

There are 20 brand new, never seen in other PC or console platform titles in total:

  1. How to Train Your Dragon

  2. Trolls Pinball

  3. Kung Fu Panda

  4. Peanuts' Snoopy Pinball

  5. My Little Pony

  6. Wrath of the Elder Gods

  7. Grimm Tales

  8. Sky Pirates: Treasures of the clouds

  9. Pinball NOir

  10. Curse of the Mummy

  11. World War Z

  12. Homeworld: Journey to Hiigara

  13. Borderlands: Vault Hunter Pinball

  14. Brothers in Arms

  15. The Addams Family

  16. World Cup Soccer '94

  17. The Mandalorian

  18. Star Wars: Classic Collectibles

  19. Swords of Fury

  20. Bride of Pinbot

16:00 - Williams Pinball

23 tables are coming over from Pinball FX3.

  1. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

  2. The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

  3. FunHouse

  4. Space Stations

  5. Dr. Dude and his Excellent Ray

  6. Swords of Fury

  7. Tales of the Arabian Nights

  8. Red and Ted’s Road Show

  9. White Water

  10. No Good Gophers

  11. Hurricane

  12. Cirqus Voltaire

  13. Ye Olde Medieval Madness

  14. The Getaway: High Speed II

  15. Junk Yard

  16. Attack From Mars

  17. Black Rose

  18. The Party Zone

  19. The Champion Pub

  20. Theatre of Magic

  21. Safe Cracker

  22. Monster Bash

  23. Creature from the Black Lagoon

20:30 - Star Wars

A total of 19 tables return:

  1. The Empire Strikes Back

  2. The Clone Wars

  3. Boba Fett

  4. Han Solo

  5. Droids

  6. A New Hope

  7. Masters of the Force

  8. Return of the Jedi

  9. Darth Vader

  10. Starfighter Assault

  11. The Force Awakens

  12. Might of the First Order

  13. Star Wars Rebels

  14. Rogue One

  15. The Last Jedi

  16. Ahch-To Island

  17. Solo

  18. Battle of Mimban

  19. Calrissian Chronicles

22:00 - Remaining franchises

The rest of the collection falls into other franchises and older "core packs" that have come across multiple iterations of Pinball FX:

  1. Jaws

  2. Back to the Future

  3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

  4. Jurassic Pinball

  5. Jurassic World

  6. Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem

  7. Adventure Land

  8. Son of Zeus

  9. Secrets of the Deep

  10. Rome

  11. Biolab

  12. Pasha

  13. Wild West Rampage

  14. CastleStorm

  15. Garfield

We also learned from our contacts at Zen that there will be an 11-pack release of Marvel tables coming out for launch.

  1. Marvel Table 1

  2. Marvel Table 2

  3. Marvel Table 3

  4. Marvel Table 4

  5. Marvel Table 5

  6. Marvel Table 6

  7. Marvel Table 7

  8. Marvel Table 8

  9. Marvel Table 9

  10. Marvel Table 10

  11. Marvel Table 11

25:45 - Founder Form and content transfer important information

For those that still need to take advantage of transferring owned titles from the Epic Games Store, use the Pinball FX Founders Form to register your preferences.

The current deadline to fill out the founder’s form is May 5. Zen confirmed in writing that purchases like The Addams Family or the Gearbox Pack will be eligible for the one-platform transfer.

As for content released after the initial console release (except for The Addams Family and Gearbox Pack), we have yet to receive an official statement about how those will be handled. We would strongly recommend only making content purchases that come out after that initial launch day once more is revealed.

We will update you all once we learn more.

36:00 - AtGame Legends Pinball

Chris gives a shoutout to a great YouTube video that gives constructive critique about the AtGames Legends Pinball table.

Check out the video because it is probably one of the best retrospectives we’ve seen about the AtGames pinball range.

It made us go into some of our discussions about the pros and cons between A1UP and AtGames.

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