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BlahCade 251: Wrath of the Elder Gods

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Dec 12, 2022 · 2 mins read
BlahCade 251: Wrath of the Elder Gods
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It’s not just us playing Wrath of the Elder Gods; it’s Chris playing it essentially for the very first time! This is the first "reaction video" we’ve done for a Zen release because we mostly play the games extensively as part of beta testing. Life got in the way this time, which worked out quite well.

Watch as we feel our way around the game without any idea about the rules. Hear us comment about what we think of the game as it unfolds. Watch how much better we do after reading the rules. Discover where the game ranks among Zen’s other Pinball FX originals.

This is a YouTube-only episode because it needs the video to make sense.

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Show notes

The basic observations for this game are outlined here:

  • The game’s visual theme is great, and the "sliminess" of all the creatures looks fantastic!

  • At about 16:00, we comment that the "Ragtime" music doesn’t fit the game’s menacing theme in any way.

  • At about 28:00, we get so sick of the Ragtime that we turn it off. While it took away the great atmospheric music, it actually improved the gameplay for us.

  • The in-game callouts are a regression from the high standard set in Grimm’s Tales because they don’t tell you what to shoot.
    For Zen Originals, they control the script for the voice artists, so why not ensure callouts are super informative and explain the rules as you play?

  • Insert lights are a regression from the informative pattern in Grimm’s Tales.

  • The green "J" lights should be relabeled to "MYSTERY" because that seems to be the only thing they are used for.

  • The usual intuitive Zen Pinball tropes like "upper rollovers for Bonus X" and "return lanes for kickbacks" are not present.

  • You need to read the rules to understand how to get bonus multipliers and some modes.

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