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BlahCade 149: Williams Pinball Vol. 1 announcement with Mel Kirk

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Oct 18, 2018 · 5 mins read
BlahCade 149: Williams Pinball Vol. 1 announcement with Mel Kirk
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We have unlimited access to Mel Kirk from Zen Studios where we talk about the new Remastered mode in Williams Pinball and a pile of other stuff.

In this podcast, we have a huge chat with Mel Kirk from Zen Studios. Nothing is really off-limits in the interview and we use that to our advantage to ask questions that have been burning a hole in our minds for years now.

There’s nothing more to say really, apart from getting on with the job of listening.

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Show notes

No real notes for the interview segment. The timing points will help you get to the part of the interview you need.

Interview opening

02:42 — How has Williams Collection been received?

03:40 — Facebook and core Zen fans.

Announcement: Williams Pinball Pricing

04:18 — October 9 for Volume 1

04:44 — Fish Tales is the free table

05:28 — Pricing is $9.99 for Volume 1

Announcement : Zen Pinball FX3 Williams Collection Remastered Versions

The Zen Pinball dynamic animated experience you’ve grown to love is also available for Williams Pinball tables. And you can toggle between Remastered Look and Classic Look with a button press anytime in the game, regardless of what difficulty mode (physics settings) you’re using. You’re in total control!

06:00 — Zen Remastered Versions included.

08:11 — Why the Remaster Toggle?

08:28 — How does the Remaster version play?

09:06 — How crazy is too crazy with Zen effects?

10:30 — Possibilities for Remaster effects?

Questions Without Notice

10:59 — Would Zen make DMDs for Alpha-numerics?

11:10 — No rule rewrites.

12:18 — Licenses affect making new vs changing existing.

13:06 — Essentially, three different difficulty modes: Zen, Standard, and Tournament

14:02 — Can you apply Williams physics to the Zen Studios tables?

15:20 — The challenge of applying physics retroactively.

16:35 — What about non-DMD Bally and Williams?

17:25 — Fan Service is a big consideration for Zen.

20:08 — Zen still assessing the direction to take with Williams Pinball.

21:10 — The challenges of adding adjustable lighting controls to the Zen Platform.

23:15 — Was FX3 specifically designed for Williams Pinball?

24:38 — How much freedom is Scientific Games giving Zen Studios?

26:56 — Changing the way Zen announces Williams tables.

27:48 — Third party licensing and how this affects table packs.

29:30 — ESRB Ratings, and why it’s not as easy as you think.

37:36 — Has Williams Pinball invigorated creativity with the designers?

40:08 — Deep was responsible for Williams physics.

40:50 — How do you balance community feedback with the direction of Zen?

45:12 — What should we expect with release schedules?

Star Wars Solo Pack

47:16 — How does Zen manage voice actors for Star Wars tables?

49:30 — How does Zen manage music licensing for Star Wars tables?

50:22 — The challenges with developing tables for Theatrical releases.

52:48 — Interpretation of the Star Wars universe.

Sequels, Mobile, Cabinet and VR

55:16 — Has Zen considered doing sequels to Zen Tables?

56:40 — What are the plans for Mobile customers and Williams Pinball?

58:28 — Will Zen support official backglass images for FX3

59:06 — Cabinet mode is going to be a big thing in the near future.

60:00 — Will Zen give more control to cabinet players?

61:25 — Will Williams Pinball be in VR

62:52 — Flipper controller support

66:00 — How long does it take to digitise tables?

68:00 — What should folks expect with the Zen Studios Tour in Budapest

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