BlahCade 268: Pinball FX has 14 new tables!

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Nov 26, 2023 · 4 mins read
BlahCade 268: Pinball FX has 14 new tables!
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Zen Studios just announced 14 new tables coming to Pinball FX within 1 week of each other! What??

We start the show by looking at changes that AtGames has made to the ALP 4K and some new SKUs they just announced in partnership with Zen Studios.

We then delve into all the new things and discuss the announced quality-of-life patches coming to the game.

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Show notes

Updates to the Adams Family 4K Cabinet [09:37]

The Addams Family 4K Cabinet has undergone changes based on user feedback. The logo on the top has been replaced with The Addams Family logotype. Graphics have been added to the speaker grills, and the coin door is now centered with a maker plate in the middle. The topper is also lit up, giving it a more premium look.

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the plunger design and have suggested alternative options, like replacing it with a more regular Williams-style plunger. Hopefully, the modding community can develop an after-market solution for owners who want to replace their stock plunger.

New Snoopy Cabinet by Zen [13:43]

AtGames has announced a new collector’s edition cabinet featuring Snoopy in collaboration with Zen. The cabinet has a predominantly yellow design, in line with the theme. It showcases graphics on the back box and incorporates elements that capture the essence of Snoopy.

Some people have expressed reservations about the amount of yellow used in the design. Still, overall, the cabinet is visually appealing and captures the franchise’s spirit.

What is interesting about this is that both Chris and I thought that it would only be Williams collector’s editions, not Zen Studios originals. This announcement kind of changes everything!

Surprise announcement of Star Trek Pinball tables [16:00]

During a recent Pinball Bites episode, it was revealed that there will be three new Star Trek pinball tables coming out from Zen. This announcement was a complete surprise to fans, as it had yet to be previously announced.

The tables will include versions based on the Star Trek: Kelvin timeline, Star Trek: Discovery, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. All tables feature deep theme integration, and some include movie snippets and voice calls.

The announcement of the Star Trek pinball tables further demonstrates Zen’s ability to respect a franchise and secure licensing agreements for what must have been a really tough deal to negotiate. There are actual movie actor licenses on the Kelvin table and obvious actor likenesses on the Disco and DS9 tables.

It is also impressive that they could narrow down the material to include in the tables, especially considering the vast amount of content from the Star Trek canon.

Pinball FX updates [32:00]

Updates to the Pinball FX core app appear to be quite exciting. One of the new features mentioned is the long-awaited control remapping, which allows players to customize their control scheme. Another feature is Quick Play, which randomly selects a table for the player to play.

Local leaderboards also make a welcome return, as do system-based achievements on Steam for all December 2023 content update tables. This feature will be retroactively applied to previously released titles over time. Still, no firm commitment was made about when all older tables will receive this feature.

There haven’t been any Williams releases since August 2023 with Star Trek: The Next Generation. And the recent set of content announcements are decidedly silent about any Williams content. Let’s hope that 2024 sees a return to more Williams releases.

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