BlahCade 212: Let’s predict 2021

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Dec 21, 2020 · 4 mins read
BlahCade 212: Let’s predict 2021
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What is in store for us in 2021? Let’s do some guessing.

It’s getting towards the end of what has been a pretty rough year in retrospect. As a glimmer of hope for the year ahead, we explore what the year 2021 might bring in the way of digital pinball enjoyment.

There are three parts to this episode:

  • Part one of the episode deals with near-reality in what we think will happen in 2021.

  • Part two goes hard into wild speculation territory.

  • Part three looks at what tables from Zen we’d most like to see next year.

Chris is also setting up a “Ten-minute Pinball” YouTube exclusive that you can be a part of.

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Show notes

07:40 — How you can get involved in ”Ten-minute pinball”

Chris wants to do some live streaming of tables, where he plays for only 10 minutes.

17:30 — Christmas container chaos casts doubt on yuletide pinball

It’s the season for a thrilling conversation about Christmas lights.

Oh, and how the cargo ship carrying Arcade 1Up pinball machines dumped 2000 containers into the ocean. Oops.

Image credit: https://gcaptain.com/estimated-1900-containers-lost-or-damaged-on-one-apus/

You can still buy a Toyshock, so if you need pinball under the tree then get your order in fast.

24:00 — Pinball predictions for 2021 (part one)

In part 1 of 2, we make our predictions about what we think will be coming to digital pinball in the coming year.

In this segment, you can expect near-certain to slightly fantastical predictions when guessing the future.

If you want wild speculation (a BlahCade specialty) about 2021 releases, check out part 2. Strictly “for amusement only”. 😉

34:00 — Pinball predictions for 2021 (part two)

Part two of our pinball predictions for 2021 goes into pipe dream territory.

I think the predictions Chris suggested were a little more logic-based than mine were, but even still we really did drift far from reality with these predictions.

The odds of these coming true are slim to none, but they aren’t out of the realm of possibility either!

48:00 — Pinball FX3 table wishlist for 2021

This segment focuses on what we would like to see come in as new tables for 2021.

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