BlahCade 201: Arcade 1UP Interview Thoughts

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Jul 07, 2020 · 4 mins read
BlahCade 201: Arcade 1UP Interview Thoughts
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It’s time to reflect on the news we are privy to from the interview.

Its time to unpack all that juicy Arcade 1UP news we heard about in our 200th episode. This entire show is about the information that was (and wasn’t) said in the interview, and what that might mean for the upcoming releases we see from Arcade 1UP and AtGames.

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Show notes

07:30 — Post 1UP interview thoughts

Chris and I reflect on the interviews and what information stuck out. What stuck out the most from the feedback about the episode is the whole issue of WiFi connectivity on the first round of cabinets. Given that the cabinets are shipping with a USB port, getting software updates onto the cabinets is definitely a possibility.

The other stand-out item that stood out for me was the sheer confidence about the brand and product direction. For Chris, the way Zen Studios is customizing the software to suit the monitor size is the attractive part, along with deeply integrating with the haptics into the game. I’m not convinced that modders will be able to exploit the force feedback board, which makes it difficult to understand what they would be able to retrofit.

25:40 — Paralysis of choice

Sometimes having too many things to choose from makes it hard to decide. Could there be merit in keeping the table selection low on these cabinets to allow you to get to know the tables (if you’re new to them)?

30:00 — The mystery of AtGames

From the little information we know about AtGames Legends Pinball, we learned that the company has partnered with Farsight to allegedly deliver a streaming game service of their Gottlieb tables. How would a streaming game service that relies on low latency work with something like pinball?

How does this deal affect the standing arrangement with Toyshock and their Gottlieb Premier deal? I reckon the thin line Farsight is treading here is that Farsight is offering software to AtGames and a more embedded solution to Toyshock.

And let’s not forget historically that Farsight also had a partnership with Arcooda to integrate with their cabinet. If you look at the features that Arcooda’s system offered (plug anything into it and use it as a TV and controller), you can certainly draw some parallels to the AtGames offering. 😅

Neither Chris nor I can really tell you because the company doesn’t seem interested in talking with us. We both hope this changes soon so we can get you some facts, rather than have to rely on feature spreadsheets and forum chatter.

42:30 — Simultaneous, baby

So the Toyshock 1.2 iteration, Arcade 1UP, and AtGames products are all going to be releasing about the same time (estimated about September). So based on what you have read and heard, which one would you buy?

The trick is to focus on what you want in a digital pinball cabinet. Or you can wait until the product line goes into discount mode in the retailers.

59:00 — Find a space

I’m looking around my room and I reckon I could fit an Arcade 1UP cabinet into the “studio”. And that is the beauty of this product. You have almost instant access to these games once you switch them on in a form factor that can almost fit anywhere.

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