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BlahCade 248: My Little Star Inks

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Oct 03, 2022 · 5 mins read
BlahCade 248: My Little Star Inks
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In this episode, we talk about the game Inks and how it is now available on Android. We do a Let’s Play of this title and talk through the chilled-out elements of the gameplay.

We also discuss the 12 "new to Pinball FX" Star Wars tables added, along with the Hasbro My Little Pony table from Zen Pinball Party. These tables also get the Let’s Play treatment, so check the video for that part of the show if you’re an audio-only fan. We could see many more Zen Pinball Party tables come over now the exclusivity period has ended.

The Pro Mode feature for Williams tables is out now, and we share our thoughts about this heavily requested feature.

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Show notes

09:30 - Inks by State of Play releases on Android

The developer State of Play received design awards for this game from Apple when it was released on iOS a few years ago.

248 inks title
Figure 1. Inks title card

The game has launched on Android through Noodlecake Games (see, I knew there were noodles in there somewhere), and now I can see what all the fuss is about.

Chris does a Let’s Play on the game on iOS so you can see what to expect. Check the video in this episode to see the game in action.

It is a great game to chill out to, but it has some tricky levels to work through. The drive to get the elusive star on each table is quite compelling.

Get it now on Google Play Store or on Apple Store.

It is also free on Apple Arcade, if you have that service.





31:00 - Zen releases My Little Pony and the rest of the Star Wars tables

It looks like the mystery table hinted at in the last "The Pinball Show" was the Hasbro My Little Pony table. This table is one of the tables that were available through the Apple Arcade exclusive Zen Pinball Party app.

37:00 - Purchasing tables using discounts

Chris and I got booted from the Xsolla Pinball Pass as part of the My Little Pony update testing process.

But that was good news for us because we got some ticket packs to spend from Zen and got to experience the updated ticket purchasing experience in the in-app store.

We talk about the pricing tiers and how the collection, level, and pack discounts work in reality. There was a big difference in pricing for buying the same number of tables at launch versus now more packs are available.

At launch, we spent 1200 tickets to buy all the launch tables (about 25 from memory). To complete our collections, we bought 27 tables and only used 718 tickets with the discounts. Not bad!

If you’re waiting for Consoles or Steam to go live and haven’t purchased anything yet, you might be in for some steep discounts and bundling opportunities.

52:00 - Let’s Play My Little Pony and some Star Wars tables

Switch over to the video to watch Chris play through My Little Pony and me make bad voiceover impressions of the kickback callout.

We also discuss a bug I found on Star Wars: Rebels that let you accumulate a ridiculous jackpot payout if you managed to collect it. However, there may be more to this bug than I thought because Chris could not reproduce the bug on the stream.

1:24:00 - Pro Mode for Williams tables

Also best enjoyed visually, we talk about the new Pro Mode released in this update. Pro Mode basically amounts to tournament settings on all Williams tables (except for Bride of Pinball, which is coming soon). The slope (table rake) on the table has been increased to very fast levels, and in many cases, you don’t get a ball save. You also don’t get any extra balls on the tables.

In this segment, we also observe that the flipper "held heights" remain the same as in all mode variants in Pinball FX. The question is: "does anyone actually care"? You tell us on our Discord channel or in the YouTube comments.

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