BlahCade 235: We like what we see so far, PinFX

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Feb 07, 2022 · 3 mins read
BlahCade 235: We like what we see so far, PinFX
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We take a look at the new visuals dropped for PinballFX, mainly those of Indiana Jones. We also react to features and purchasing options that were announced.

You’re really going to want to watch the video for this one, folks.

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Show notes

07:50 - Indiana Jones Trailer discussion

In this segment of the video, we pause the trailer and give our opinions about what we see in the trailer.

The chrome and environmental effects in the game along with the video screen in the middle of the playfield are great.

But there are other subtle signs of quality in this. You can see the jewelled inserts and more realistic light sources.

Check out the video for this one becasue the audio doesn’t do it much justice.

25:00 - FX3 vs Pinball FX version

This part of the video focuses just on the differences we see between the FX3 (PX Engine) and the Pinball FX (Unreal 4) versions of the game.

30:00 - Pricing discussion

In this part we touch briefly on the pricing model that Zen has alluded to in Pinball FX. It appears that we will be treated to two different pricing models: pay per table or buy a subscription.

41:00 - Zen account does not control purchasing

Jared thought that the Zen account might be used to control cross-platform purchases on PC but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

45:00 - The lobby experience and menus

We discuss the lobby experience and how it compares to the Star Wars VR lobby.

We also go through screen by screen and talk through what we see in the different screens in the lobby.

Again, the video is needed to get the most out of this segment.

52:00 - The Mummy and Noir running on Unreal 4

In this part of the video we talk through what we see in Noir and The Mummy.

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