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BlahCade 246: Homeworld Pinball Let's Play

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Sep 05, 2022 · 4 mins read
BlahCade 246: Homeworld Pinball Let's Play
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We speculate a bit about what is coming up from Zen in Pinball FX for September, October, and November.

We then dive into the live play of Zen’s latest, Homeworld: Journey to Higara Pinball. Is this Zen Original a "buy now" or "don’t bother"?

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Show notes

00:30 - National Cinema Day

Chris shares his experience of seeing Jaws in 3D during the US National Cinema Day. Even though he knew it was coming, he still got the jump scare in the movie.

We also talked a bit about watching 3D movies in VR and that I never actually did it.

Chris also planned to see 1000 Years of Longing and Bullet Train so maybe he can give us his thoughts about those two next week.

15:00 - Pinball Show Recap

Mel Kirk revealed that future versions of the Pinball Show will be shorter-length episodes and only focus on the table being released that month. There will be some light developer interviews in these episodes to back up the table release.

The episodes will be a bit longer for bigger announcements to suit the amount of news. Expect this format when they announce console support, for example.

18:00 - The new Pinball FX roadmap for the rest of 2022

Also, in the pinball show, the popular roadmap released at the beginning of the Early Access program on Epic Games was updated with new information.


Big remaster pack and a surprise (we’re guessing Marvel and something else).


A Williams title.


Zen original and remaster pack (we’re guessing all the remaining Zen Original tables).

This news sparked great speculation about what the packs could contain on our BlahCade Discord Server.

44:31 - Let’s Play Homeworld Pinball

Chris does the flipping, and I do most of the yapping as we do a Let’s Play of Zen Studio’s new table Homeworld: Journey to Higara Pinball.

I’ve left the game audio in, but you should use it as your cue to watch the gameplay on YouTube if you are a podcast listener. Get the YouTube link from the top of these show notes.

Here are some screenshots from the game.

Homeworld Key Art
Figure 1. Table Key Art
Main table view
Figure 2. Main table view
Ramp warp tunnel
Figure 3. Ramp warp tunnel
Chapel Perilous mission
Figure 4. Chapel Perilous mission

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