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BlahCade 234: Recap of Mel Interview and More

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Jan 17, 2022 · 8 mins read
BlahCade 234: Recap of Mel Interview and More
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We’re starting off 2022 with Jared sharing an update about his Gottlieb pinball machine restorations.

Then we recap our interview with Mel from Episode 233 and finish off with an annual tradition of Chris sharing his list of best/good/worst movies he saw in 2021.

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Show notes

02:30 - Gottlieb African pinball machine restoration

Jared shares an update about his Gottlieb Force II restoration, which is now complete.

He also talks about the actual cost of restoring one of these "project" pins if it is done thoroughly.

As far as Jared knows, there are not many Force II pins in Australia. John Grist has never seen one through his shop, which says something.

The next game Jared is going to restore is Pink Panther. The cabinet work is done, but paint matching is a real problem in this game.

14:00 - Mel’s interview thoughts (aka BlahCade Speculation)

This show section is totally dedicated to unpacking the news Mel Kirk dropped in the last episode’s interview.

Listen as we unpack the news and dive deep into some of the subjects Mel talked to us about.

There is inevitable talk about licensing, Arcade 1UP possibilities, and plenty of other extrapolated points that you expect from BlahCade Speculation.

1:04:00 - Chris' Best, Good and Worst Movie and TV Shows of 2021

Chris does his annual synopsis of the best, worst, and "just good" movies and TV shows of 2021.

There’s a wide gamut of movie genres and TV shows to shortlist here: Chris has good taste in viewing.

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