BlahCade 245: The rest of 2022 as we see it

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Aug 22, 2022 · 4 mins read
BlahCade 245: The rest of 2022 as we see it
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It has been a bit of a quiet year regarding commercial digital pinball.

Chris and Jared break down what has happened throughout this year and predict how the year may end based on what we know now.

There is also a break from the usual pinball talk with a discussion about the new Predator Prey movie and a few other returning shows to check out.

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Show notes

00:30 - Light intro

Chris has a new position to add to his belt at Disney.

Jared shares some drama that happened during the week. He also shares just how good having a high-powered gaming PC in the loungeroom is and how the enhanced hardware makes playing Pinball FX better.

09:20 - Embracer group has bought the rights to Middle Earth Enterprises

We talk about the recent acquisition of all the things Lord of the Rings.

There are so many potential intellectual property (IP) possibilities that this deal offers Embracer and, by proxy, Zen Studios.

Remember that Zen Studios don’t have Stern Pinball or Jersey Jack Pinball, so don’t expect any pinball tables already made by these companies.

18:30 - What does the rest of 2022 look like for digital pinball

We’ve realized that there is not a lot of commercial digital pinball action outside of Zen Studios at the moment.

The flurry of commercial home-use digital pinball cabs from At Games and Arcade 1UP in retail stores has dried up, and you need to order them direct from the manufacturer. Even titles like Zen Pinball Party have slowed down with new content over the last year.

We muse on how the end of the year might shake down for digital pinball. The basic premise is that Zen’s focus will be getting consoles ready to launch for Christmas 2022 and content for the existing Pinball FX platform. Those booking that blow out into 2024 won’t finish themselves.

Since publishing this episode, At Games has announced some more tables made by Magic Pixel that are exclusive to At Games cabinets.

42:00 - We’re on Discord

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44:31 - The new Predator movie "Prey"

Chris and I have really enjoyed the latest installment in the Predator franchise. We thought it was long overdue that we did a bit of movie chat.

We also talk about a few Hulu originals like Solar Opposites.

The series Reacher gets a mention based on how each show picks up like they are one continuous movie.

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