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BlahCade 253: Let's Play Plants vs Zombies and Ms. Splosion Man pinball

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Jan 09, 2023 · 3 mins read
BlahCade 253: Let's Play Plants vs Zombies and Ms. Splosion Man pinball
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Before we play, we first discuss what was curiously missing from Arcade 1Up’s CES announcement: pinball cabinets. Who could Zen have partnered with to produce the next generation of cabinets?

After that, it’s off to play Plants vs. Zombies and Ms 'Splosion Man. These two tables never came to FX3 and almost certainly won’t to PinFX either.

This is a video-heavy episode so if you are a podcast listener, take this opportunity to check out the YouTube video linked in this post.

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Show notes

01:25 - Interview thoughts from the last episode

We provide some commentary about the interesting points in Mel Kirk’s interview we did for Christmas 2022.

04:00 - What did Arcade 1UP not reveal in their CES line-up for 2023?

It was a distinct lack of pinball machines in their line-up.

So it begs the question of who might pick up the slack in the physical home-use pinball market.

What sort of form factors could we see this year? Table-top style? Full-size cabinets? Could they look to local manufacturers to produce the tables?

What sort of things would you like to see in a cabinet, given what you’ve seen in Pinball FX to date?

12:00 - Will Pinball Pass be the solution to game content on the pinball cabinets?

Because cross-buy is dead, could the pinball pass allow Zen Studios to offer content on these new cabinets?

Time will tell.

13:30 - Let’s Play Pinball FX2

From this point onwards, podcast listeners should switch over to the YouTube episode to watch Chris play two titles from Pinball FX2.

This is the first time Jared has ever seen Plants vs. Zombies and Ms. Splosion Man played in real-time.

We discuss how these playfield designs are both good but need toughening to make them more challenging. The layout of Ms. Splosion Man is really good but too easy. Toughen it up and make the outlanes riskier and the ball wilder.

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