BlahCade 217: AtGames, hear us out

Jared Morgan Jared Morgan Follow Feb 25, 2021 · 3 mins read
BlahCade 217: AtGames, hear us out
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We are seeing a lot of chatter about AtGames as they begin shipping cabinets out. But there are some things that no one is talking about.

AtGames Legends Pinball cabinets

This whole episode is about our thoughts concerning AtGames and their Legends Pinball cabinet (referred to in forums as “ALP” for short). Well, nearly all of it. There is a bit of information about Arcade 1UP cabinet issues that we need to comment about as well. 😉

For this episode, I’ve put the BlahCade Mini episodes as a rough guide only. They will become available to view from here progressively. It may not be in audio order. If that bothers you, let me know.

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Show notes

The bright side of too much demand

There’s a lot of woe among people who have pre-ordered pinball cabs from both AtGames and Arcade 1Up. Shipments have been coming in only at a trickle. We look at this and a few hiccups with the devices, but also find the silver lining on what so much demand might mean for the future.

Pinball software costs

AtGames sells pinball packs for Gottlieb and Zaccaria tables. Some cost similar to what they do on other platforms, some are wildly more expensive. The question is, will consumers think it’s worth it?

Pinball accessory costs

AtGames has shown off some of the add-on accessories coming to their Legends Pinball cab.

AtGames control panel

They’ve also announced pricing, and it comes with some sticker shock. Are they asking too much or is it just right?

User research is good!

AtGames recently put out a survey for what potential future products might be like for Legends Pinball. We take the survey and compare the results.

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