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BlahCade 249: GOOAAALLL! WCS '94

We do a play-through of the indie game The Pinball Wizard by Frosty Pop and then do the same for Zen’s latest Bally recreation World Cup Soccer '94.

In episodes, playthrough, Oct 31, 2022

BlahCade 248: My Little Star Inks

In this episode, we talk about the game Inks and how it is now available on Android.We do a Let’s Play of this title and talk through the chilled-out elements of the gameplay.

In episodes, playthrough, Oct 03, 2022

BlahCade 246: Homeworld Pinball Let's Play

We speculate a bit about what is coming up from Zen in Pinball FX for September, October, and November.

In episodes, playthrough, Sep 05, 2022

BlahCade 245: The rest of 2022 as we see it

It has been a bit of a quiet year regarding commercial digital pinball.

In episodes, Aug 22, 2022

BlahCade 244: Grimm Tales and RetroPlay Aftermath

Well, people sure did have things to say about our previous episode featuring RetroPlay!We try not to kick the hornet’s nest once more and probably fail.You decide.But we start ...

In episodes, playthrough, Jul 25, 2022

BlahCade 243: Retroplay Gets Us Talking About VPX

We usually stay clear of VPX discussions.

In episodes, interviews, Jul 11, 2022

BlahCade 242: RIP Digital Pinball Fans

It’s the end of an era! The forum is closing at the end of July 2022.We go down memory lane and talk about how the site hugely impacted digital pinball...

In episodes, Jun 27, 2022

BlahCade 241: Swords, Monsters, and Cab Mode

This week, we discuss Pinball FX’s latest new table Swords of Fury.

In episodes, May 30, 2022

BlahCade 240: Spring 2022 Chat with Mel Kirk

A must-watch episode as Zen’s very own Mel Kirk joins us once more on the show to talk about the current state of Pinball FX, where the platform is heading, and how your feedbac...

In episodes, interviews, May 02, 2022

BlahCade 239: More Williams and More Originals

Join us as we look at Zen’s roadmap of future tables.

In episodes, Apr 17, 2022