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BlahCade 220: Mel Kirk interview for Spring 2021

This episode is a massive interview with Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 28, 2021

BlahCade 219: Reacting to Epic Pinball FX News

It’s time to get down and give our take on the pretty controversial news that Mel shared with everyone on The Pinball Show No. 3.

In episodes, Mar 28, 2021

BlahCade 218: Star Wars Pinball VR

We get to go to a virtual pinball galaxy far, far away in April 2021.

In episodes, Mar 04, 2021

BlahCade 217: AtGames, hear us out

We are seeing a lot of chatter about AtGames as they begin shipping cabinets out. But there are some things that no one is talking about.

In episodes, Feb 25, 2021

BlahCade 216: Zen Pinball FX News Unpacked

Zen Studios announced that they will be releasing a brand new Pinball FX app this year.

In episodes, Feb 17, 2021

BlahCade 215: Pinball in VR

It has taken us way too many years to be able to do this episode, but good things come to those who (patiently) wait.

In episodes, Jan 30, 2021

BlahCade 214: We can’t just push reset?

This year has already started out a bit dodgy, but surely it can only get better starting from now.

In episodes, Jan 13, 2021

BlahCade 213: End of year free-for-all

It’s the end of 2020 so it’s time to have a break-up party episode.

In episodes, Jan 03, 2021

BlahCade 212: Let’s predict 2021

What is in store for us in 2021? Let’s do some guessing.

In episodes, Dec 21, 2020

BlahCade 211: 105 Reasons Why

Zaccaria Pinball is coming to AtGames.

In episodes, Dec 06, 2020