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BlahCade 204: The Other Pin Cabs

While the hype for Arcade 1UP is high, Toyshock is pumping out products you can buy now!

In episodes, Aug 23, 2020

BlahCade 203: Williams Pinball Volume 6 Reveal

After nearly half a year’s wait, it’s time for new pinball from Zen Studios!

In episodes, Aug 08, 2020

BlahCade 202: Let’s ride bikes!

In anticipation of California Extreme 2020, we go off on tangents.

In episodes, Jul 28, 2020

BlahCade 201: Arcade 1UP Interview Thoughts

It’s time to reflect on the news we are privy to from the interview.

In episodes, Jul 07, 2020

BlahCade 200: Arcade 1UP Interview

Look, everyone! We have guests! A party isn’t a party without friends to help us celebrate our 200th episode in style.

In episodes, interviews, Jun 29, 2020

BlahCade 196: Zen about quarantine with Mel Kirk

Chris and I sit down with Mel Kirk of Zen Studios for a huge unpack of news about what’s happening now and in the future for Zen in 2020.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 29, 2020

BlahCade 175: Williams Pinball Vol. 4 announcement with Mel Kirk

It’s time to reveal the latest three tables that will arrive in Williams Pinball on May 28th 2019!

In episodes, interviews, May 19, 2019

BlahCade 166: Williams Pinball Vol. 3 announcement with Mel Kirk and Thomas Crofts

Zen Studios have joined the show to announce what will be in the Williams Pinball Volume 3 release coming out very soon.

In episodes, interviews, Mar 06, 2019

BlahCade 164: Zen Studios design interview

Zen Studios has lent us some time to chat about Williams Pinball and other Zen questions.

In episodes, interviews, Feb 18, 2019

BlahCade 155: Williams Pinball Vol. 2 announcement with Mel Kirk

Mel Kirk joins us again for a retrospective on Volume One and drops some terrific news about Volume Two!

In episodes, interviews, Nov 16, 2018