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BlahCade 236: Rollers of the Realm Reunion interview with Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh, Company Director and Founder of indie game studio Phantom Compass, joins us to chat about their sequel to the award-winning Rollers of the Realm Pinball RPG.

In episodes, Feb 14, 2022

BlahCade 235: We like what we see so far, PinFX

We take a look at the new visuals dropped for PinballFX, mainly those of Indiana Jones.We also react to features and purchasing options that were announced.

In episodes, Feb 07, 2022

BlahCade 234: Recap of Mel Interview and More

We’re starting off 2022 with Jared sharing an update about his Gottlieb pinball machine restorations.

In episodes, Jan 17, 2022

BlahCade 233: Indiana Jones and the Mel Kirk Interview

Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios, joins us for an in-depth talk that covers all things Indiana Jones, Zen Pinball Party, PinFX, and much much more.

In episodes, interviews, Dec 20, 2021

BlahCade 232: Xmas 2021 A Pinball Bust

About this time last year, we predicted what we would see released about now (December 2021).Naturally, things didn’t go exactly to plan, but some predictions aren’t too w...

In episodes, Nov 29, 2021

BlahCade 231: Not Salty About Peanuts (new Zen table)

We are back with another episode that, this time, features the gameplay of Zen’s newest Pinball Party title, Peanuts.

In episodes, Nov 01, 2021

BlahCade 230: Pinball FX delayed until 2022

That’s right, Pinball FX has been delayed according to the latest episode of The Pinball Show.That, however, is not the only news…​

In episodes, Oct 04, 2021

BlahCade 229: Lights, camera, auction?

It’s a mish-mash of topics that concludes with the outrageous auction prices of a huge pinball collection.First, though, we catch up on Zen and Stern news as well as a rather od...

In episodes, Sep 20, 2021

BlahCade 228: Zen Pinball Party Playthrough

This is a special walkthrough episode where Chris and I play the Zen Pinball Party app on Apple Arcade.

In episodes, playthrough, Sep 06, 2021

BlahCade 227: Zen brings Apple to a Pinball Party

We’re back after an extended break!We talk about what has gone on in the month we were away and deep dive into Zen’s announcement of Zen Pinball Party on Apple Arcade.

In episodes, Aug 24, 2021